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Pet Shop Boys in San Francisco

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Sep. 24th, 2009 | 06:47 pm


Today was the first day of instruction but fortunately for my hungover ass it coincided with a work strike. I hovered in the general area almost an hour prior so I could adjust my stimulant and food levels. Still I felt that yucky post party feeling and didn't even feel like being my usual friendly self. It was fine cause nobody spoke to anyone anyway. I got up this morning in San Francisco at 7 a.m. and rushed out the door to the MUNI, then Caltrain, thankfully it was an express train so it only took an hour to San Jose. From there I caught the Hwy 17 express and in another hour I was on a local Santa Cruz bus for the quick trip to the mouth of the school which at 11 a.m. did not have a huge amount of picketers. The general walk out and assembly were scheduled to begin at noon and last till 3. During dinner an announcement that the commons in the center of campus had been taken over by students. I'll bike over shortly. (I was just told the students had turned it into a big dance party).

Toro y Forrest left side

Let me backtrack to my wonderful day in the city. Whenever you hear a San Franciscan refer to the city you can assume they mean SF. Wednesday morning I commuted into the city. A loooong 3 hour trip put me there at 2 p.m. and my adolescent best friend and partner in crime, Forrest, was waiting for me. Paul my old roommate happened to be hanging out in Dolores Park with Bodhi, our dog so I hopped out of the car and had a really lovely visit. Spending time with Paul and Forrest put a lot of my fears and social phobias into perspective. I am after all building something for all of us and not struggling with the day to day stuff like medication, a job, or finding affordable housing. I already have my own unaffordable housing courtesy of the State of California. Spending time with Forrest, searching for outfits at H&M was just like old times and even though it took till the end of the night to verbalize it, we were both really happy to reconnect and have one another close and in one anothers lives again. I am amazed lately at my take it or leave it attitude when it comes to drinking so it took some talking into for me to agree to have a cocktail with Forrest before the show. Being the sensible party girl I am I suggested we just go to the liquor store and doctor our own beverages. Forrest gave me a Vicodin (little weird seeing someone else (ab)use them reflecting on my own history with Scott). By the time the show started I was feeling great! I danced non-stop to all but one slow song. The show was a dazzling feat of technology. Even the crew were dressed in white lab coats working the hundreds of computers and server parts. I really enjoyed the 1980's references because they were done in a smart way. Typically I find nothing pleasurable about reminiscing about the decade of misery and I cringe majorly when anyone waxes on about it. The Boys incorporated a great deal of irony into their references and showmanship. Par example when doing Go West the staging was full of red china references. A nice touch! Go West, your destiny is there, indeed. The venue, which incidentally was the last place I saw them (also one of the best shows I've seen), was nice and intimate so there was really no bad seat on the floor. My only gripe was that being esconced in the bear group meant a completely obstructed view of a wall of iPhones constantly and unceasingly recording and photographing every single change. Scott accused me of wanting to document everything and thereby taking myself out of the moment, which is somewhat true, although I only ever pause for a second and then promptly return to the enjoyment. He called it meals remembered (syndrome). These guys were like statues the whole time. Afterward Forrest talked me into going onto the Castro, no tough feat in my floaty state. We had been drinking beer throughout the show. We reviewed our options and set on Juanita More's nite at what used to be the Castro Station. Turned out rather than faeries and freaks it was wall to wall twinks. Visions of being surrounded by teens on campus. Fortunately we didn't stay for very long and I was back at Dexter's house in time to pop and Ambien and say goodnight.


No more trips to SF now that school has begun. I will be very very sad about missing Folsom, LovEvolution, and Castro Fair but it has been drummed into my head that the quarter system flies by that I know better.


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from: deadfrk2
date: Sep. 25th, 2009 09:13 pm (UTC)

Focus Torito on school. You will be rewarded with fun at the right time babe.

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