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(My) Life Deconstructed

11 May 1971
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When I was 5 my mom asked me what I would like to be when I grew up. I told her emphatically a horse.

Ethnicity: Japanese, Mexican, Portuguese

Aesthetic: Japanese Minimalism and Mid Century Modern Scandinavian

Communication Style: Emotive, Direct, ABC (accurate, brief, clear)

Driving Forces: Compassion, Curiosity, Inexhaustible Quest for Knowledge, and Self Awareness/Actualization, Electronic Music.

Gerundive Keywords: Grounded, laid back, mellow,sensual, earthy, and resilient.

Bio: May Taurus. Articulate, non-homonormative, and intelligent. Zen Buddhist (atheist by proxy). Pursuing a doctorate in Art History. Transfer as a Juior to UC Santa Cruz in Spring 09'. I value intelligence, loyalty, personal integrity, pragmatism and frienship. I'm a sweet gentle man with a sleeping intensity that is aroused and channeled via my observation and creative expression.

My partner was the fine artist Scott Miller, of Cleveland. Scotty was hypersensitive in the way only a person who created such beautiful works of art could be. He was unfit for the isolation and constant rejection artists experience. On May 16th he left on a trip that he will not likely return from. If you'd like to read more about him check out the feature written by Cleveland art critic Steven Litt :http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2008/05/noted_cleveland_artist_scott_m.html
a'dam, academy men films, albert hoffman, and dancing for hours, and enrique chagoya, and most electronic music., and sf, anthony goicolea, art history, artist scott miller, ben watt, billboard liberation front, breaks and beats, butt magazine, cindy sherman, country western, culture, dave seaman, deconstruction and culture jamming, design, dj sets, extra action marching band, fine/modern/contemporary art, francis bacon, gilbert & george, hatha yoga, hellenism, hernan cattaneo, house music, iconography, jiro takamatsu, joe oppedisano, john digweed, john lilly, london, mcqueen, museums, noam chomsky, npr, pbs, photography, picasso, pit bulls, playing w/ perception, pop-culture, proggresive house, sander kleinenberg, slammin house music, superb dj sets, tech house, terry richardson, trance, trance festivals, travel, zen meditation